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Singh Capital & Investment is a privately held real estate investment and management firm based in Hayes, United Kingdom The company's portfolio includes hotels, commercial, and residential developments. Singh Capital & Investment has hotels ranging from limited service to full service properties, Singh Capital & Investment is a proven leader in hotel investment and operational management. In addition, Singh Capital & Investment sees the importance in maintaining a diverse portfolio of real estate assets. Consequently, Singh Capital & Investment utilizes its existing infrastructure to own and operate multifamily and other commercial projects.


Mission Statement


Singh Capital & Investment mission is to implement efficient operational strategies that maximize financial performance in order to subsequently result in company growth.


This objective is achieved through three key areas


  • Team Member Development
  • Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Disciplined Financial Management



Singh Capital & Investment is proud to have an experienced management team that features company-wide mangers with lifelong careers in the real estate and financial industries. All managers within Singh Capital & Investment understand the importance of efficient day-to-day operations to increase the properties' and consequently the overall company's operational and financial performance.

Financial news

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Hayes Trade City, Hayes Road, Southall, England, UB2 5BE 





Hayes Trade City, Hayes Road, Southall, England, UB2 5BE 

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